Diamond Jelly Roll Quilt

Happy day my friends! As many of you know I like to make baby quilts for all of my friends to welcome their new little one. This quilt is for my dear friend Jenny’s third baby, Christian. Since this is the 3rd quilt I’ve made for her family I thought I’d mix it up a bit. I wanted to go a little non-traditional so I picked boy colors and simple shapes, but not juvenile in nature.  This one goes up fast and the best part is you can actually get two quilts out of one jelly roll.  That also means that you can use one Rolie Polie for this size of a quilt. What do ya say; let’s get started!

Materials Needed:

  • ½ full Jelly Roll (40 – 42” strips)
  • ½ Yard of white on white fabric
  • Backing Fabric
  • Binding Fabric
  • Cotton Batting (I like Warm & Natural)

Finished Size: 38″x 38″(..ish)

How it’s done:

Step 1:

Stitch your Jelly Roll strips together lengthwise using a ¼” seam. I pulled mine straight out of the roll and used the color combos the way they had them. I was going for a varied yet cohesive look.

CleverQuiltStudio.com - Diamond - 7

Step 2:

Fold the strips in half and square up the salvages creating a straight edge.

CleverQuiltStudio.com - Diamond - 8

Then cut in the same manner where you would like the quilt to have a space. I did not center my cut but instead came in only 18” on one side. Here is the right side piece after the cut.
CleverQuiltStudio.com - Diamond - 9Step 3:

Cut off 6” from the left; this 6” strip will become your center diamond blocks.   Take your seam ripper and in groups of 3 remove the strips from the group.

CleverQuiltStudio.com - Diamond - 10

(Note: The strip photo shown above is wider than 6”. I made an adjustment to the pattern after the fact. Sorry if it leads to any confusion.) Make sure you have 6”x6” blocks. Pick 4 of the blocks that you like the most. You will have extra strips.

CleverQuiltStudio.com - Diamond - 14

Step 4:

Fold the squares in half wrong sides together lengthwise with the seams. Iron the tip creases similar to the picture below.

CleverQuiltStudio.com - Diamond - 21

CleverQuiltStudio.com - Diamond - 22

Step 5:

Cut your white fabric into 6 ½” squares. You should end up with 4 – 6” squares

CleverQuiltStudio.com - Diamond - 16

Then cut those squares in half diagonally like the photo above.

Step 6:

Fold the triangles in half and iron the center slightly right sides together.

CleverQuiltStudio.com - Diamond - 19

CleverQuiltStudio.com - Diamond - 20

Step 7:

Match the center presses of the white on white with the strip squares.

CleverQuiltStudio.com - Diamond - 23

Step 8:

Stitch ¼” seams along the long edge of the triangle. Repeat on all four sides.

CleverQuiltStudio.com - Diamond - 24

CleverQuiltStudio.com - Diamond - 25

CleverQuiltStudio.com - Diamond - 27 CleverQuiltStudio.com - Diamond - 37

Step 9:

Trim the under dog-ears.

CleverQuiltStudio.com - Diamond - 39

Step 10:

Stitch all four of your diamond squares together. I alternated their stripe direction, but this decision is entirely up to you. Then stitch your left stripes to your diamonds and then your right stripes to your diamonds. Depending on the size of your quilt you may need to take one full strip off of the top. (At least in my case I did). Here’s the front laid out on the batting.

CleverQuiltStudio.com - Diamond - 5

Now all that’s left is pinning, quilting & binding! YAY!

Until our next adventure; Happy Quilting!



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