Disappearing 9-Patch – It’s a hoot!

I hope y’all (yes I’m embracing the y’all here in TX) are having a great weekend with your friends and family.  Speaking of friends & family, today’s quilt was for a new little addition to one of my oldest and dearest friend’s family.  Hopefully little Emma likes this disappearing 9-patch as much as I do!  I know y’all will love it as this could not be any easier to whip up on a Sunday. Let’s get started!

Disappearing 9-Patch –
Final Size ~ 40″ x 41″

What’s Needed:
– 3.5 – 5″ Stackers or 1.5 Charm Packs or 63-5″ Squares
– 1/2 Yard Border Fabric
– 3/8 Yard Binding Fabric
– 2 5/8 Yard Backing Fabric (You may have a little left over)
– Batting ~ 2 3/4 Yard
– Thread
– Spray Batting
– Safety / Quilting Pins
– Rotary Cutter
– Rotary Mat
– Scissors
– Iron
– Ironing Board

Today we’ll be using Happy Flappers by Kelly Panacci for Riley Blake Designs

Step 1: Block Layout.

There are many different layout patterns for a disappearing 9-patch quilt. You will want to look at your fabric to best determine if certain color ways can/should be upside down, etc. Most of my color ways could rotate, but a select few would have, in my opinion, taken away from the overall quilt if they were not upright in the design.

Similar to the falling charms pack disappearing 9-patches can take on an “L” “7” pattern or they can all be “L”s or all be “7”s. You can also create crosses or window panes too.  Here are a few for some ideas:

Possible 9-Patch Layout OptionsIt is a good idea to lay out your squares in the 9-patch combinations you intend on using. This way you can see what works well together and what may need to be tweaked.  Remember the 1st, 3rd, 7th, and 9th squares will not be cut so those are best suited for your larger prints.  You can see how I laid mine out below.

9-Patch Layout Pre-stitchStep 2: Initial Block Assembly

Now it’s time to assemble the 9-patches. I worked in multiples of threes on this one from left to right then top to bottom. Remember to nest your seams and you will match every time.

Step 3: Making the 9-patch Disappear!

Once all of your 9-patch blocks are assembled it is time to cut them or make the 9-patch disappear.  Measure the half way point of the full 9-patch block. Hint: its 2 1/4″ from the center block…we started with 5″ blocks and took 2-1/4″ seams.  Place your cut line at that center mark vertically like the picture below.  Make sure you line up your ruler so you are cutting a straight line from top to bottom. Cut with your rotary cutter.

9-Patch PreCut with Ruler

Now rotate your mat (if you have a rotating mat they are great to use here). It’s important to leave the blocks in-tact so you don’t misalign them and get the most accurate cuts. Once rotated measure the center and make a second cut.

9-Patch During 2.25 in Cuts After your cut you can now pull the blocks apart and you can see the ‘L’  shapes.  How easy is that?? The final blocks look so much harder to make than what we just did. I just love this aspect of pre-cut quilting!

9-Patch Post Cut

Step 3: Final Layout

Here is what my final layout looked like with a border. I would encourage you to experiment with your layouts and see which you like best.  I didn’t end up using all of my blocks and opted for the border to add some size to the baby quilt as well as frame in the blocks. I just used our normal method of stitching each row together and then stitching those rows together for the front.
Final Front with BorderAnd look at that we’ve completed; another super quick baby quilt in 3 steps (well not including the border, but you can see how to do that here.)  Without further ado, here’s the final quilt!

Final Quilt

Until next time, Happy Quilting!


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