DIY Quilt Label

Hi Everyone!  All of us put a lot of hard work into our craft and we should be signing it similar to how a painter signs their canvas. That’s where a quilt label comes in handy and is essential in finishing off your quilt.  Here is a quick DIY label tutorial for you!

Materials needed:

Step 1 – Create your individual label.

In PowerPoint or any other word processing document create your logo or signature.  Once you have that created flip the image horizontally so you could read it in a mirror.


Once you’ve created your labels print them onto the t-shirt transfer paper per the package instructions.


Next, cut out the individual labels from the transfer paper printout


Cut a piece of your ribbon that will hold the label as well as enough overage for a small seam allowance (maybe 1/2″ on each side of your label). Lay your label onto the shiny side of your grosgrain ribbon so you can read it through the backing paper.


Per package instructions iron the label to the grosgrain ribbon.


Important! Let the label cool fully before peeling the protective paper off.  (It hurts otherwise and ruins your label…trust me…I once got greedy) Once cool, peel back the label.

47qfs1-disappearing-9-patch-cleverquiltstudio…and VOILA! your new label.


To add to your quilt simply fold in half wrong sides together and catch in your binding (on your first pass).  If you get really creative you can add washing instructions, etc.


Until next time,


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