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Hey Y’all! A few weeks ago I was asked to take part in another Penny Rose Fabrics blog tour.  This quilt is for Gerri Robinson of Planted Seed Designs very first line for Penny Rose called Faded Memories.  It’s a rich mix of reds, blues, and neutrals that all come together to make a very classic and luscious combination.   You may be thinking, uh oh, she’s going to show us a very traditional quilt with lots of separate cuts and lots of yardage…that just isn’t like Crystal.  Never fear we’re going to slice up a Rolie Polie in our usual studio fashion.  As always, I have a YouTube tutorial for you as well as photos to follow along.

What do you say? Let’s get started.

Finished Size – 48″ x 60″
Here’s what you’ll need (with options)

  • 2-40pcs Rolie Polies or Jelly Rolls or Roll Ups
    • If you want to make a wallhanging quilt or small lap quilt 35″ x 35″ then just grab one roll
  • 3/4 yard fabric for both sashing AND binding
  • 4 Yards backing fabric
    • I always get a little extra for ‘what if’s’ so really you only need 3 3/4 yards
  • 6″ Square ruler or a ruler that can cut 45 degree angles

www.cleverquiltstudio.com Faded Memories 1

If you want to watch the YouTube tutorial first, click here to skip there now. Otherwise, here we go!

Step 1 – Matching Strips

In order to get the look we’re going for which is a contrasting almost pinwheel effect we need to match dark strips with light strips.  I decided to stay in the same color family when doing this. So I laid out individual strip sets. Since you have 2 rolie polies you can utilize those one-off strips that don’t have a match with one set.  This will allow you to get 20 total blocks in the end. You need four strips total for your finished block.  Here’s an example of the light on dark contrast –

@cleverquiltstudio Faded Memories Quilt

Step 2 – Piecing the strip sets

Lining up salvages stitch your rolie polie strips alternating light and dark.  Press to the darker fabric…this will make your life much easier a few steps from now; trust me.

Clever Quilt Studio Faded Memories Strip Set Laid Out

Once you have them pieced together it is time to trim the uneven edge which will be the opposite of you salvages.  I usually just line up on my board on a bottom straight line.  You will have extra fabric so cutting an inch or two off the left side won’t matter.

Cleverquiltstudio.com - Faded Memories 4

Step 3 – Cutting the blocks

Our blocks consist four squares, simple as that. It’s really just a four patch once we get this step completed.   Since we are making 6″ squares on an angle we need to cut 8 1/2″ squares from our strip set. Measure from the left 8 1/2″ and cut per the photo below.

Cleverquiltstudio.com - Faded Memories 5 Cleverquiltstudio.com - Faded Memories 6

Repeat this until you have four – 8 1/2″ squares.  You will have some of the strip set left but we won’t be using it in this quilt. You could create an accent for your backing or perhaps some accent pillows to go with the quilt.

Step 4 – Cutting the angled squares for your 4 patch

Grab your 6″ square ruler and align it down the center line of your 8 1/2″ strip square. It should look like a diamond on top of a square.  If you’ve followed me for awhile you’ll recognize this method from my houndstooth quilt last year.  The method is similar and I’d like to think I’ve perfected it slightly…but that’s up to you to decide. (go easy on me) Also, I’m switching up the fabric as I go which I normally don’t do, but I want to show you as much of this line as possible as we go through the tutorial.  It’s just too pretty not to show you as much as possible! You can also see the full line on the YouTube tutorial as well. There’s a fun video montage hidden inside (free of charge).

As with most of my tutorials I like to talk up my rotating mat. (you’re honestly probably sick of it by now…) But in all seriousness, if you don’t have one yet save those pennies and get one. They aren’t too expensive and soon you will wonder how you ever got by without one.  Okay, let’s cut these bad boys.  With your hand firmly on your 6″ square ruler in its diamond

Okay, let’s cut these bad boys.  With your hand firmly on your 6″ square ruler in its diamond shape we’re going to cut corner to corner creating a 45-degree angle.  Now you can see why we needed the 8 1/2″ larger square to start. If you don’t have a 6″ square ruler it’s fine, just line your block up with your 45 degree line on your mat or your regular rotary ruler.  You can also find the center points of each side and connect the dots for a cut line.

Cleverquiltstudio.com - Faded Memories 7Cleverquiltstudio.com - Faded Memories 8Cleverquiltstudio.com - Faded Memories 9 Cleverquiltstudio.com - Faded Memories 10 Cleverquiltstudio.com - Faded Memories 11 Cleverquiltstudio.com - Faded Memories 12 Cleverquiltstudio.com - Faded Memories 13

Side note time – (skip ahead if you don’t want to know how to figure out the square size for larger or smaller blocks.)

In case anyone is wondering how to figure this out for larger quilts allow me to refresh your memory on that 10th-grade geometry we said we’d never need in real life.  Actually, I’ll give you a couple minutes to grab your kids if you’d like to show them this just in case they may be slacking on their homework…

…are they here? Good!  Now, let’s talk Pythagorean Theorem.  Basically, you just need to find the hypotenuse (or as Ms. Klingler, my 10th grade geometry teacher, said “Hot Pot In Use”) or the angle opposite of a right angle. To do this you just have to follow this formula.

“C” or the hypotenuse becomes the length at which you need to cut your strip sets.  Now, the bigger or smaller you get you may need to adjust your individual strip length, but that’s up to you regarding your goals around block size, aesthetics, etc.

Step 5: Assembling the final block

Once you’ve finished cutting your blocks on the bias it is time to assemble the 4-patch.  Arrange the blocks so no like strips match in the center.  It should go light/dark/light/dark all the way around.  Just like this –

Cleverquiltstudio.com - Faded Memories 14

Time to match those seams and assemble the final block.  This is the moment that you can thank yourself for pressing to the dark side because guess what? Yep! You can nest this entire thing! THE ENTIRE BLOCK.  Now, even though you can nest I still really recommend pinning this one just as insurance because you really want these points to be, well…on point.

Cleverquiltstudio.com - Faded Memories 16 Cleverquiltstudio.com - Faded Memories 17

If you press each top and bottom pair opposite then you can also nest your center seam.  I’ve lined the two block pairs together so you can see how to press them.  This is how they should look when opened.  Remember the side you want the seam to go to (dark side) should be the one facing you and touched by the iron.  So, if you’re pressing to the dark side then you want to have the darker fabric facing up.  Since at this stage of the block we have a mixture we’re just pressing each in opposite directions.  By aligning them this way it will happen.

Cleverquiltstudio.com - Faded Memories 18 Cleverquiltstudio.com - Faded Memories 19 Cleverquiltstudio.com - Faded Memories 20

Once you’ve pressed them open rearrange back into the pinwheel like layout.Cleverquiltstudio.com - Faded Memories 21 Here’s a shot of your nested seams. Pretty Right?Cleverquiltstudio.com - Faded Memories 23

Once you have pressed and pinned go ahead and stitch together.  Voila! Here’s your final block!Cleverquiltstudio.com - Faded Memories 24

Step 6 – Adding sashing

Once you’ve decided on your final layout of the quilt you can add sashing.  Cut 14″ off of your 3/4 yard binding fabric and set aside. Cut the remainder into 1 1/2″ strips for sashing.  From those strips cut 15 – 11 1/2″ Strips to match your block.  This will create a reserve of some strips, but we’ll use those in a minute.

Cleverquiltstudio.com - Faded Memories 26

Stitch your 11 1/2″ strips to the right of 3 of the blocks in each row. Then, assemble the row as normal, left to right.  Once you have your rows assembled attach the larger remaining sashing pieces to the bottom of 4 of the rows. Note: you will need to add a reserve strip to the end to get the full width. Since the fabric is 44″ wide and the quilt will be 48″ you’ll want to attach on the bias just like creating a binding chain.  (If you have questions on this here’s a quick video and tutorial from our beginner series ‘Quilting from Square One‘).

Here’s what it should look like when done –

Cleverquiltstudio.com - Faded Memories 25

Once you have your top completed it’s time to quilt and then cut the remaining binding fabric into 2 1/4″ strips. I chose to match the sashing instead of the backing to give it a finished frame look.

Let’s talk about quilting for a second.

I use a wonderful quilter out of the Fort Worth, Texas area.  Lazara Delgado Abernathy works really well with my tight deadlines and does a fantastic job. I would be remiss if I did not give her a quick shout out here.  We had a tight deadline on this one and she, once again, delivered.  Lazara has quilted my shoppe’s block of the month quilts, the square within a square quilt as well as one…that y’all haven’t seen yet but it’s coming soon. (We have a new ‘Quilting from Square One’ tutorial just around the corner…yay excitement!)  Please give her some Instagram love (@cubanquilter) and if you’re in the area check out her website – Cubanquilter.com.  Look a this pretty swirly loveliness!

Cleverquiltstudio.com - Faded Memories 27

Without further ado here’s the finished quilt!

Cleverquiltstudio.com - Faded Memories Cover 1

Here’s the video tutorial as well!

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing Gerri Robinson’s new line for Penny Rose Fabrics! Please make sure to check out all of the other fantastic bloggers bringing you new ideas over the coming week! They are going to have some fantastic things to show you!

Here are the schedule and all the details –

Faded Memories Blog Tour Schedule


Until next time; Happy Quilting,

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