Kindergarten Quilts!

Hello Friends!

Can I just tell you that this disappearing 4-patch is taking longer than expected.  Who knew that 4 charm packs would turn into such a project.  I am hoping to have that tutorial up tomorrow, but in all honesty it may be next week.  In the meantime I thought I would show you a side project I undertook this past week.  One of the guys that I play pool with every Thursday night is a Kindergarten Aide.  He gave up a life of financial trading to give back. I think it is just fabulous that he broke free from his cubicle, but I digress.  In his class they make ‘Friendship Quilts’ and I offered to assemble some of them for him.

Each child writes his or her name on a 4 3/4 in. x 4 3/4 in. square of fabric. (Why not 5×5 you ask? Let’s consult the Polish Proverb…”Not my circus, not my monkeys”. Bottom line; I have no idea)  The little one also draws a picture on a 12 1/2 in x 8 1/2 in block of muslin or white fabric.  All of the squares are attached together and then quilted.  Let me tell you when I opened the bags of each individual’s quilt squares I didn’t know what to expect.  You can definitely tell which kids had help from their parents and which kids did not.  Likewise, you can tell who is able to follow directions and who is not.  Ah the joys of learning.

I also learned…. a lot! You see on the first quilt I was using standard techniques, spray batting, pinning, and a full on binding.  Except my friend Brendan decided to cut extra squares out of his particular fabric so I had to piece the binding together with a BUNCH of smaller squares that I had to turn into strips.  Not so fun.  His silver lining was that his center block was the proper size (as listed above).

Check out his quilt:

….breaking news: OOPs! I totally forgot to take a photo of Brendan’s quilt. Well it was a fabulous one with a full Sponge Bob backing….Bummer, I know. (note for the future, double-check that you have all the photos you need before turning your projects back in.) Here is, however,  a photo of his squares not in the final order. You can at least see his center drawing.


After Brendan’s I decided that a better approach would be a pillow like quilt.  I made the fronts and then attached the batting with pins before putting the backing against the front right sides together.  This way I could sew almost all the way around like a pillow. Turn it out and top stitch it closed. I then top stitched around the entire quilt and proceeded to quilt the front.  Nola’s got the most quilting and then due to timing (and my procrastination) the other quilts just got the main square.

Here is Nola’s quilt (notice the extra border I had to add to make the middle square the correct size.):


Up Next, Xander! I think he loves Hockey! (He also got a nice side border.)


Finally, we have Rhyden:


Alright, back to assembling my disappearing 4-patch! See you soon!



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