Quick and Easy DIY Ironing Station for Under $120

Hey Everyone!

I know that I am completely overdue in posting, but I assure you that I have a couple great tutorials in the works and a long list of super fun quilts to come. Today I just wanted to pop in and show a quick weekend project that you can do in about 2 hours.

Space in my studio is limited and as you know a regular ironing board tends to take up a lot of space.  I have seen a few ironing station ideas on Pinterest so I thought I’d put my own together.  IKEA here I come! I wanted a cart with some overhang for a ‘ironing board cover’. It also needed to be counter height or slightly higher since I’m standing 90% of the time I’m ironing.  It also had to have storage space since that was the point of the entire thing and, of course, look good.

Here’s what I found: Forhoja Kart - IKEA

Like? Me too! Literally the hardest part of this process is putting the darn thing together. I mean it is IKEA so there aren’t any words to the instructions. After the cart was assembled the rest was a breeze.

  • 1 – 22″x 44″ cut of fabric (1/2 yard is just too small, but 5/8ths yard is just right.) I also pinked the ends to prevent fraying.
  • 1 – 18″ x 44″ cut of 100% cotton batting. (I just used a remnant piece I had around).
  • Duct Tape (shh this is the secret part)
  • Spray Basting (just to hold things in place for taping, but 100% optional)

Ready, set, go!

  • Place your batting on the top of the cart and spray bast down if you’d like. Trim edges.

  • Place fabric on top of batting making sure to line up the pattern so it is straight.

CleverQuiltStudio.com - Station 5

  • Tape down the underside using ‘mini’ hospital corners and duct tape. (hint: I used several small sections of tape instead of one long section. It allowed it to go together faster.)

CleverQuiltStudio.com - Station 6

Why are you taping and not gluing or stapling? I’m not sure about you, but I may have ‘accidents on my ironing board (…iron on T-shirt transfer incident of 2008 comes to mind) so I need the option to switch out my fabric on a whim. Plus I might get tired of the fabric I’ve chosen and want to spruce it up every so often.

Well there ya have it! Quick and Easy Ironing Station for under $120 incl. tax!

Fabric Used:  Floral Navy of Woodland Springs by Dani for Riley Blake Designs

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