Quilting from ‘square’ one!





We are so happy to introduce our next project, Quilting from ‘square’ one!  This four week sew-a-long is for beginners, yep beginners. If you know someone or are someone who has expressed interest in learning to quilt but doesn’t know where to begin this sew-a-long is for you!

Here are all of the details –

  • When? 10/8/2016 through 11/19/2016. A new tutorial with the next step in the process will be published on Friday just in time for your weekend.
  • Where? Online at http://cleverquiltstudio.com/quilt-tutorials/quilting-from-square-one/ (www.cleverquiltstudio.com)
  • Cost? The tutorials are free, but we have sew-a-long kits available for purchase below.  If you don’t fancy any of those you can purchase your own fabric separately.
    • Supply List if you chose not to purchase a kit –
      • 1 1/4 Yards – Larger Print (Black Floral) Fabric
      • 1 1/4 Yards – White or Neutral Print (Yellow Y’s) Fabric
      • 1/3 Yard – Small Print (Cream Floral) Fabric
      • 3 1/2 Yards – Backing
      • 3 1/2 Yards – Batting
      • 1/2 Yards Binding
  • Finished Size? The quilt will be approximately 65″ x 65″
  • Project?  When I was seven my grandmother started me with a simple 9-patch quilt. I found it taught me a lot of fundamental skills so I know it’s a great place for a beginner.  To add some modern flair we’re going to take it a step further and create a disappearing 9-patch block.   Here’s a mini version of the quilt we’ll be making & just one of the many kit options you can purchase (Don’t worry you won’t be sewing small squares…it’s all in a fun secret I’ll share with you) –

Disappearing 9 - Quilting from 'Square' One

  • Questions?  We’ll be conducting weekly Q&A sessions via Facebook live and we are always available via email at info@cleverquiltshoppe.com
  • Social? Yes, please! Feel free to share this project with friends and the interwebs using the hashtag #quiltingfromsquareone or #cleverquiltstudio.  Feel free to tag us in anything as well @cleverquiltstudio

What do ya say? Grab a friend and let’s learn how to quilt!

Kits available for purchase –