Quilting from ‘Square’ One – Binding the Quilt!

Brr it’s cold outside! Fall/Winter has finally hit North Texas and I could not be happier.  I don’t have to turn on my air conditioner today and can even wear long sleeves.  It’s also my college’s rival football game today (GO BOBCATS!) so I am desperately searching for an online source to get a local Montana channel…wish me luck.

Who is ready to bind this quilt? I know I am!  Let’s get started…

Step 1: Trim the edges of the quilt.

Now that you’ve quilted your fabric sandwich (backing, binding and top) it’s time to trim the edges of the quilt.  Cut right along the front of the quilt trimming off all excess. 35qfs1-disappearing-9-patch-cleverquiltstudio



Step 2: Cutting out your binding strips.

Now that the quilt is trimmed it is necessary to cut out your binding strips.  This quilt requires 1/2 yard of fabric for 2 1/4″ binding strips.  From the right side of your fabric measure left 2 1/4″ and with even pressure from the bottom cut along your rotary ruler.  You will cut 7 strps in total.

38qfs1-disappearing-9-patch-cleverquiltstudio39qfs1-disappearing-9-patch-cleverquiltstudio 40qfs1-disappearing-9-patch-cleverquiltstudio

Here’s a video about how to trim and cut your binding.

Step 3: Pressing the Binding

With a hot iron you will want to fold the binding strip in half lengthwise wrong sides together.  Then simply press making a strip half the size with the right sides facing out.

Once you have your binding pressed it is helpful to roll it up on an old ribbon spool to keep it neat and out of the way while we start attaching it to the quilt.


Here is a bonus post on how to make a label for your quilt.

Step 4: Attaching the binding to the quilt.

Here are some close up still shots on how to navigate the corners.

51qfs1-disappearing-9-patch-cleverquiltstudio 52qfs1-disappearing-9-patch-cleverquiltstudio 53qfs1-disappearing-9-patch-cleverquiltstudio 54qfs1-disappearing-9-patch-cleverquiltstudio

Step 5: Folding over and attaching binding to the front of the quilt.

Here are a few close up shots for pulling the binding to the front as well as navigating the corner.

55qfs1-disappearing-9-patch-cleverquiltstudio 56qfs1-disappearing-9-patch-cleverquiltstudio

And that, my friends, wraps up our Sew-a-Long – Quilting from ‘Square’ One.  I hope you’ve enjoyed this journey and keep quilting.  I’d really love to see y’all’s finished quilts. Feel free to post them to our Facebook wall or tag us on Instagram with the #cleversquareone or #quiltingfromsquareone.


Let me know if you’d like to do another one in the future, maybe we can tackle 1/2 square triangles next?

Until next time, keep quilting and having a blast!



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