Faded Memories Blog Tour – Rolie Polie Quilt

CleverQuiltStudio.com Faded Memories Strip Quilt

Hey Y’all! A few weeks ago I was asked to take part in another Penny Rose Fabrics blog tour.  This quilt is for Gerri Robinson of Planted Seed Designs very first line for Penny Rose called Faded Memories.  It’s a rich mix of reds, blues, and neutrals that all come together to make a very classic and luscious combination.   You may be thinking, uh oh, she’s going to show us a very traditional quilt with lots of separate cuts and lots of yardage…that just isn’t like Crystal.  Never fear we’re going to slice up a Rolie Polie in our usual studio fashion.  As always, I have a YouTube tutorial for you as well as photos to follow along.

What do you say? Let’s get started.

Finished Size – 48″ x 60″

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Quilting from ‘Square’ one – Disappearing 9-Patch – Week 1 – 1/4″, the dark side and straight lines…

Hi Everyone & welcome to WEEK 1 of Quilting from ‘Square’ One-

Are you more nervous or excited or an eclectic combination of both!?!  Well, don’t be nervous….this is fun stuff!  Here’s how we’re going to break down this crazy hobby called quilting.  This week we will be going to go over basic items like machine basics, the right and wrong side of fabric, why an accurate 1/4″ is important and how you’ll be sewing together your first block set.  You can watch the video snip-its for information as well as follow along with the written instructions.

Please reach out if you are lost or would like to as a question.  I’m here to help!

Machine Basics: Make sure you have 2 wound bobbins of a ‘mostly’ matching thread color. Most people use white or black. Since most of our kits have white center blocks you’ll want to use white thread.  Coats & Clark is a basic beginner brand that is affordable and an all around easy every day thread.

If you are new to your machine or haven’t used it in awhile I highly suggest running a few test stitches through your machine before getting started.  This will help you feel more comfortable when you start on your real blocks and will allow you to adjust any tension issues you may run into.  Since everyone probably has a different machine I will direct you to you individual machine manual should you have mechanical issues.

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Modified ‘Doe a Deer’

Happy first Sunday of the 2016 NFL Season!  While many of us enjoy watching football with our friends, hubs, etc. sometimes it is nice to retreat to the studio on Sunday for some ‘me’ time.  Today I am working on finishing up my next blog post, but in the meantime here is one I’ve been meaning to share with y’all for some time.

A colleague’s wife commissioned a baby quilt for one of her best friends.  The timing wasn’t great as I was still in the middle of that nasty hail storm remodel and my studio was in complete shambles.  So, naturally I said “Yes of course I’ll make you a quilt.”  (It’s what we all do, right?)

The nursery colors are teal and coral which is a pretty tough combination I discovered, but luckily Woodland Springs by Designs by Dani for Riley Blake came through and worked perfectly.

Woodland Springs Quilting Fabric

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Charmed Triangles

Today is a dreaded, yet, necessary evil here in north Texas. It is the day I have to replace my air conditioning system. Sad day for the unit that came with the house, but this girl is super excited for a more efficient system and lowered utility bills! Oh, and not dying this summer!  So Cooper, Baxter and I are ‘chillin’ (pun intended) in my office writing this post for you.  I’m also excited to show y’all this quilt.  I made it for my friends the Hitchings’ baby girl, Caroline. She is beyond adorable and this one was so easy but turned out like a million bucks (in my opinion).

Oh! Before I forget, I’m so excited to introduce ‘printable patterns’.  These are simplified instructions that you can take to your fabric store so you won’t forget any dimensions, etc. You can even scan the QR code at the bottom of the page and it will take you right to the blog with photos, etc.  I will try to back fill as many posts as possible, but know that they will be there for any new ones going forward. You can find today’s here: Charmed Triangles – Free Printable

What do ya say; let’s get started!

Materials Needed:Charmed Triangles - CleverQuiltStudio.com - 4

Finished Size: ~45″x45″



I decided to use a left over layer cake and some charms from a blue, lavender, pink and gray charm pack (Jubilee by Bunny Hill Designs for Moda). As you can probably gather I was making this quilt for a baby girl so I left the blue squares out to be used for another project at a later date and I already used the lavender squares for Charli’s Layer Cake Quilt. I also used white on white yardage and cut it down to the needed 5″ squares and some fun gray on gray fabric for backing.  Since I was using a remnant layer cake I also cut those down to 5″x5″ squares.  Here are all of the squares once cut:

Charmed Triangles - CleverQuiltStudio.com - 1

If that picture doesn’t get you excited I don’t know what will (but clean cut fabric is one of my favorite things, so who knows?)


Step 1:  The first thing we need to do to will be to create iron seam lines.  Fold wrong sides together on the colored charm pack and press the diagonal.  Likewise, fold right sides together on your white charms and press the fold as well.

Charmed Triangles - CleverQuiltStudio.com - 3 Charmed Triangles - CleverQuiltStudio.com - 8 Charmed Triangles - CleverQuiltStudio.com - 16

Step 2: Match a colored charm to a white charm. Stitch ¼” on each side of your pressed seam diagonally.  See the illustration; stitch along the dotted lines.

Charmed Triangles - cleverquiltstudio.com - 18
Charmed Triangles - CleverQuiltStudio.com - 15

Charmed Triangles - CleverQuiltStudio.com - 13

Charmed Triangles - CleverQuiltStudio.com - 12


Step 3: Cut along the press seam using your rotary cutter and ruler.  Make sure to line up tip to tip or corner to corner.
Charmed Triangles - CleverQuiltStudio.com - 10

Step 4: Set seams and press open and trim your dog ears. Voila! That’s the block.
Charmed Triangles - CleverQuiltStudio.com - 11
Charmed Triangles - CleverQuiltStudio.com - 9

Step 5: Layout the squares into the diamond pattern pictured below. Make sure you don’t have too many of the same color ways right next to each other.
Charmed Triangles - CleverQuiltStudio.com - 5

Step 6:  Sew the blocks together row by row horizontally. Your front is ready for batting, backing, pinning and quilting! (Didn’t I tell you this one would go fast?! Youza!)
Charmed Triangles - CleverQuiltStudio.com - 6

Charmed Triangle - Cover - CleverQuiltStudio.com

I can’t wait to show you what’s next!

Until then, Happy Quilting


Quillow Wool Stadium Blanket

Wool Blog Tour-02

Quillow Wool Stadium Blanket –

Hi Everyone! I don’t know about you, but it’s definitely baseball season here in North Texas.  With Spring sports comes unpredictable weather and the need for layers and even a stadium blanket.  What’s great about wool is that it will keep you warm in the cool and cool in the warm making this quillow wool stadium blanket perfect for any Spring outing.  Lucky for us Penny Rose Fabrics now carries 10″ precut wool squares perfect for this blanket.  This is a fast one so what do you say, let’s get started!

Materials Needed –

CleverQuiltStudio.com - Wool 24

  • 3 – 10” Wool Stackers from Penny Rose Fabrics or 16 – 10” Wool Squares
  • 1 Yard Backing Fabric – I chose menswear check gray
  • 1/3 Yard Binding Fabric
  • ~ ½ Yard Fabric for back pillow (I used the same fabric as the backing)
  • 1 Yard Batting (I like Warm & Natural)
  • Quilting Pantry Items
    • Sewing Machine
    • Heavy duty thread (makes going through the wool easier and makes the stitches more secure)
    • Tailor Ham or Seam Roll (Optional)
    • Rotary Cutter
    • Rotary Mat
    • Rotary Ruler
    • Iron (w/ Steam)
    • Ironing Board
    • Fabric Scissors

Step 1: We won’t be able to use my favorite method for half square triangles for this (pressing in half and stitching on each side) because not all of the ½ squares have perfect matches. Instead, for this quilt we will be cutting all of the squares in half diagonally. Make sure you line your ruler up corner to corner. Also, make sure your squares are a true 10”x 10” before starting. The square can be off just a bit due to the organic stretching quality of the wool.

CleverQuiltStudio.com - Wool 23   CleverQuiltStudio.com - Wool 15   CleverQuiltStudio.com - Wool 14

Step 2: Arrange your half triangles to create the large star pattern. If you are using your own wool the sky is the limit regarding your color choices. I’m using the 10” stacker, which gave me a variety of different wool colors to work with. As you know if you’ve followed me for awhile I like to sketch out my quilts first.  Here is my final layout:

CleverQuiltStudio.com - Wool 18

Step 3: Stitch your blocks together. Pair your right triangles and stitch along the hypotenuse (Alert! Yes, we do use geometry as adults! You should tell your children immediately!) using a ¼” seam.
CleverQuiltStudio.com - Wool 11   CleverQuiltStudio.com - Wool 10   CleverQuiltStudio.com - Wool 9

Step 4: Press your seams to the dark side.

CleverQuiltStudio.com - Wool 3   CleverQuiltStudio.com - Wool 2

With wool it is important to remember a few things. You will want to use a tailor ham or seam roll so that the backside of the seam doesn’t show through to the front. CleverQuiltStudio.com - Wool 25

I found in this application I really didn’t need the ham as my wool was thick enough not to show through but it is something to remember if you ever decide to make a coat. (quick pause for me to reminisce about my Make it Yourself with Wool days, ahh)    Also, make sure you press with HIGH steam or using a damp washcloth over the wool. This will help set your seams and give you the crisp look you are used to when using cotton.

Step 5: Trim the dog ears of the squares.
CleverQuiltStudio.com - Wool 7


Then, once your half square triangles are all completed sew your rows together.

Step 6: It’s time to make the quillow portion of the stadium blanket. Measure and cut two 18” squares out of the fabric you would like to use for the pillow portion.   I cut mine on the fold to avoid a seam, but that is entirely up to you.

Step 7: Placing right sides together sew using a ¼” seam ¾ of the way around the pillow. Or in my case, the two seams adjacent to the fold. Yes, I decided to double stitch…my mom still has my serger in Montana (hint hint..Mom…)

CleverQuiltStudio.com - Wool 29

Step 8: Set seams and turnout. Press.

Step 9: Top stitch as close to the edge of the top of the pillow. This will be the side directly OPPOSITE of the opening.

CleverQuiltStudio.com - Wool 17

Step 10: Layout your backing fabric with your quilt creating a straight edge at the bottom of your quilt. Pin your ‘pillow’ portion to the bottom middle of the backing.

CleverQuiltStudio.com - Wool 27

Step 11: Top stitch the two sides to the backing fabric. Don’t worry we’ll catch the bottom during binding.

CleverQuiltStudio.com - Wool 26

Step 12: Spray baste and pin your quilt.

Step 13: Quilt away my friends, just make sure to avoid quilting over the pocket on the back.

Step 14: Time for binding! I wanted this quilt to be earthy and a little rustic so I opted to use the plaid backing which gives the front a little dimension.

Step 15: You’re done, but let’s fold it into the pillow! If you are a child or a parent with a child from the 80’s you may remember Popples? It is a similar concept to that.  Start by tri-folding your blanket so the pillow pocket is on the outside bottom. Then, fold the tri-fold down to the pocket. The final step is to turn the pocket inside out over your blanket. Voila! Now you have a pillow/blanket combo allowing you to easily store the blanket in your car.

CleverQuiltStudio.com - Wool 16

CleverQuiltStudio.com - Wool 30

CleverQuiltStudio.com - Title Final

Thank you all so much for visiting and checking out my blog on the Penny Rose Wool Love Blog Tour; I really appreciate it. If you like what you’ve seen don’t forget to subscribe at the top of this page. I have more great tutorials coming! Also, don’t forget to check out all of the other fantastic posts on this tour!

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Until next time, Happy Quilting!


Stacker / Layer Cake Stripe Block Quilt

Hey everyone! I hope you are enjoying the weekend. It is H.O.T. Hot in Texas, but they keep telling me it will only get hotter. With that said, it looks like I’ll just have to stay inside my air conditioned quilt room.

Today’s quilt is a super fast one that could quite possibly be made in a day. I did it in small batches over a couple of weeks because life was just busy and I kind of put off getting the backing and binding. I’ve decided that I’m going to pick out the backing and binding before choosing the precut and/or only ordering matching color-ways. Running to JoAnn’s and finding matching or close to matching colors is getting harder and harder.   I’m sure you don’t want me rambling on about frustrating shopping experiences so let’s get started.

My friend Marina is having her first baby girl. The nursery is lavender, gray & white. Lavender, gray and white pre-cuts are really hard to find and if you know of a secret spot please let me know! Luckily I had a layer cake called Jubilee by Bunny Hill Designs for Moda.

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